Connect is a combined pump controller and Remote Telemetric Unit for smart monitoring and controlling of water pumps.

It includes advanced energy optimization, data collection and communication features that makes water management easier than ever.

Designed primarily for pumping stations and small water treatment plants, Connect controls pumps, measures and records overflow, controls and monitors filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply and much more by use of the standard build-in features.

Connect has option for Wi-Fi and can be configurated either via a PC program Connect Link or controlled directly from a smartphone using MJK Connect App.

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    SCADA systems communication

    Communicates to SCADA systems using standard PLC protocols

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    Energy saving

    Advanced functions for energy-optimised pumping operations

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    Instrument Bus connection

    iNET ModBus communication controllers for flows and VFD's, etc.

Connect is used for water and waste water pumping stations, small waste and water treatment plants.

With the many included and dedicated features, to measure and record storm flow or optimize and control the waste water distribution network, by itself, the Connect can run and operate the site without any add-on control system.

The advanced features for energy optimization of water pumps, by controlling the connected frequency drives of the pumps, works in order to find and set the optimal speed of the pumps in order to achieve the best possible ratio between the pumped volume and power consumption.

The Connect also has standard functions for logical functions, easily setup up by the users, data logging for historical trends and not least, communication with SCADA systems using standard PLC protocols over the cell phone network.

Connect is used for controlling and monitoring of raw/Ground water pumps, booster pumps, water treatment plants and filters.

The Connect also has standard logical functions, providing easy programming by the users, data logging for historical trends and not least, communication with SCADA systems like Monitor Link using standard PLC protocols over the public cell phone network.

Easy configuration from the display or over the build-in USB connector in the Connect.

Field service and configuration done locally or remote by use of Connect Link.

The MJK products, inclusive Connect are assembled, calibrated and tested at our facilities in Denmark.

The production technicians receive special training and several production technicians can cover each other's work area. This provides better security on your delivery, and a more flexible working week for our specialists. 



The separate up to five years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering of your MJK product.


Power supply
115/230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz, ±10 % or 12 V DC battery
Power consumption
25 VA
Memory storage
32 Mb Flash memory, 10 X 36.000 loggings depending on chosen protocol
External communication
Modbus® RTU-mode / COMLI