1. MJK The Abbreviation & The Background

23/01/2017 · MJK MARCOM

Originally Jens Kruse was engineer and worked as an electro technical advisor, primarily for construction. The 70’s was however hard on construction business in Denmark. Jens Kruse explains:” I heard from a friend, that felt that if I should get somewhere in life, my business card should read “Sales…”, so I switched my career to being a sales-rep at Danish E. Eberhardt Co and within short time, I felt, I had learned enough to start on my own. Hadsund wastewater plant, Jutland – used slaked lime in their process. I had expert knowledge on controlling the slake process and that became my very first assignment."

During 1977 Jens Kruse teamed up with Finn Madsen, who constructed electrical panels and the electrician Morten Jensen, who initially provided workspace for the company. Soon the company grew out of Jensens facilities, they moved to Ishøj, a Copenhagen suburb. Morten Jensen was bought out in the early stages, but Jens and Finn found that it was in place, and a bit funny, to keep Jensen as a part of the newly founded company name
MJKMadsen, Jensen, Kruse.

Jens Kruse and his partner parted in 1979, their view on strategy and focus was very different, but they parted in good manners, and Jens kept the company name, so since 1979 it was only K that was left in MJK Automation. It became Jens Kruse that would set the course which would create a company growing out of the workshop in Ishøj, Copenhagen and soon also out of the domicile in Nærum.

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