a talent to trust

26/07/2017 · MARCOM

In 1985 the newly educated electrician Kaj Jyde had been working at a factory for just a couple months when he was contacted by Jens Kruse.

Kruse had asked at the electrician school if they could recommend “someone way above average”, they told him to call Kaj. It only took one meeting to make Kaj switch to MJK “do you want to do automation, build panels and travel?”

For the 22 year old electrician an adventure packed with trust and credibility started that day. “my first day, I was told to start building panels, I must have done well, because 2 weeks later Jens asked me to go to New York for a couple of months on my own … NEW YORK! – I was excited and a bit nervous.” In New York Kaj prepared the complete PLC automation of the production line of a chocolate factory. Jens Kruse participated the last few days and when they left everything was running smoothly, next assignment was waste water application in a small Danish town on Fuenen, for Kaj it was fun every time he experienced something new.

One day in 87 Kaj returned from a service visit with a small sales order, and he liked that.” I asked Jens to be allowed to sell items he replied I could have the responsibility for sales in Denmark… that’s the kind of trust I have been shown, that’s what makes you want to give back all you got”. Kajs new position also earned him his first company car, Opel Kadett 1.6S.

Kaj continued travelling a lot. His insight in local conditions and solutions led to him being promoted to Product Manager in 2000. Through the next 12 years Kaj was the centre of world-wide launches of all new products; seminars, trade shows, dealers, end-users through all of it Kaj travels as he says” …always with a screwdriver set, you never know when you’re going to mount or activate something in the field.”

In 2012 Xylem acquired MJK, a few details needed to be in place that year, Kaj had been working for MJK for 27 years, visited more than 50 countries, travelled around the world many times literally – and suddenly he was presented for his first employment contract… Kaj explains, “It was a peculiar situation, because MJK was always about trust – to us a handshake was enough, but even though I today am Strategic Account Manager, nothing have changed in the way, we are still very concerned about trustworthiness and I am basically still doing the same job I am disseminating knowledge about our products abilities and quality, and I love it.”

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