New Sales Engineer, Denmark

03/10/2017 · MARCOM

Tine Undén has been signed by MJK to strengthen the contact with our east-Danish customer, a customer base that is steadily growing.

Tine Undén, 51, is export engineer and holds 20 years of sales and advisory experience mostly in the electronics business.

Sales Manager DK Carsten Meilbøg:” We are expanding our Danish salesforce with Tine because we have experienced an increased interest and revenue on eastern part of Denmark. I still aim to be as much as possible on the road, but I do have assignments across the land as well as some office time is needed, so hiring Tine was a natural solution. Tine is educated Export Engineer and holds more than 20 years in the electronics business and an approach to our brand, product and customers that will make her fully integrated very fast.