SuSix - Turbidity and Suspended Solids Transmitter

SuSix is intuitive and easy to calibrate and is produced for long term work in harsh environments.

MJK SuSix provides data allowing you to control the amount of active solids in the process tank thereby obtaining the optimal environment for biology process.

The products can be used to control and improve the daily processes on waste water, drinking water or aqua culture applications.

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    Very easy installation

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    Limited need of maintenance

    SuSix needs almost no maintenance

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    Stores up to 20.000 measured values including timestamps

SuSix sensor has six optical windows ensuring optimal analysis of the amount of suspended solids in the waste water process - as well as in the turbidity of the outlet water.
The turbidity range covers 0,001-9999 FNU/NTU/FTU and suspended solids are measured in the range of 0,001g/l to 400 g/l.

Output can be read directly on the converter display or transferred via Modbus, 4-20mA to, for instance, a SCADA system. To ensure safe installation, the SuSix is cUL certified.

The embedded algorithms ensure that 90% of all applications measuring suspended solids only require 1-point calibration. Should a calibration be necessary, SuSix can be re-calibrated for different measurement areas at any given time. You can even switch from suspended solid to turbidity measurement very easily.

The converter stores up to 160,000 data points with time and date stamp for statistic purposes.

The turbidity of the drinking water illustrates the amount of particles in the water when it reaches the consumer. SuSix is used to monitor this important quality parameter. On delivery, the device is fully calibrated for, and ready to, measure turbidity.

The measuring method is based on luminescence via six receiver and transmitter channels. Output is readable from the display and from ModBus or 4-20 mA out which can be connected to other displays or monitoring systems.

This very stable device provides exact measurement of suspended solids and turbidity. It can optimize the process of the outlet water. Use SuSix to measure the filtered sludge to get an instant view of the state of the dry matter.
Measuring the dry matter in the sludge this way is faster than the baking process. Analysing with SuSix will enhance your data input and constant SuSix measurement will help you build a better process and optimize your energy consumption and improve the bottom line of your expenses.
The built-in wiper will keep the six point sensor windows clean, even in high amounts of suspended solids.
There are several display options. The converter and display provides the most complete solution, but for a quick on-site readout, use the simple LCD display.



Optical windows

Accordion control

The optical windows are made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. Thanks to these hi-tech materials, very little manual cleaning is required.

Acid-resistant, polished steel sensor

Accordion control

The SuSix sensor is produced in acid-resistant, polished steel with a chrome dioxide coating to ensure minimal particle adhesion to the surface.

Cleaning system

Accordion control

When applied to especially demanding environments in which the sensor is likely to become soiled, we also supply a mechanical cleaning system.

Six optical windows

Accordion control

With its patented measurement system, SuSix measures turbidity in pure water and solids and any thicker liquid, in one sensor


Accordion control

Measures in accordance with ISO 7027 standards. 


Accordion control

SuSix™ is delivered providing 4-20 mA or ModBus RS485 output.


Accordion control

Easy installation, full range of fittings available

Data Logger

Accordion control

SuSix Display holds a build-in data logger. 

Minimum calibration needed

Accordion control

No calibration for turbidity, typically only one calibration point needed for active sludge.



The separate up-to-five-years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering your MJK product.

Enclosure rating
Dust and waterproof IP 67, NEMA 6 (when mounted on Converter)
Indication measurement, configuration and graph
MODBUS® RTU-mode, 9600 baud, 2-wire RS 485, master-mode
2 Mb Flash memory, 160.000 entries with date, time and value
USB 1,1 type mini B, Female
+/- 0,1% of reading
Analog output
One active 4 - 20 mA, galvanically isolated (max. load 800 ohm)
MODBUS® RTU-mode, 9600 baud, 2-wire RS 485, slave-mode
Power supply
230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 % or 115 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 % or 24 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz ± 10 %
Enclosure rating
IP 67, NEMA 6
0.001 - 9999 FNU/NTU
Suspended solids
0.001 - 400 g/l (SiO2)
Measurement principle
Infrared-diode system and beam focusing (l = 860 nm)
Accuracy (turbidity)
Better than 3% of actual concentration
Accuracy (susp. solids)
Better than 5% of actual concentration (depends on calibration and media)