MJK rainAhead helps you perform stable rain measurements - even when things happen fast. The rain gauge is designed to work in all kinds of weather and especially in case of heavy rainfall. In the event of heavy rain, impulses from the measuring unit help you improve pump operation in sewer wells and at pumping stations.

By using rainAhead with the Connect series, RTU pump control or with a Chatter data logger, you get alarm transmission in the event of downpour. This is crucial for a cost-effective and reliable pump control. Our user program for the setup is also intuitive and user-friendly, so, with simple adjustments, you are guaranteed precise measurements. MJK has also developed an app for smartphones that helps you better manage and monitor a number of important parameters. It makes water management easier than ever.

For many years, MJK has supplied reliable samplers to treatment plants and industries for collecting time or quantity proportional samples. Our sampling program helps you make stable samples and gives you top-class measurements. If you want to hear more about our products within analysis measurement, you are always very welcome to contact our qualified employees.

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    Designed in robust materials.

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    Easy installation and quick mounting.

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    Easy Cleaning

    The unit is easily disassembled and cleaned.

When you connect a rainAhead to e.g. a Mµ Connect, you will receive a warning if a heavy downpour is on its way to the sewer. Based on impulses from rainAhead, Mµ Connect may start the pumps in the necessary sewer wells for efficient discharge before the start level activates the pumps. In this way, the sewer pipes are fully utilized and more space is created in the well, which can result in less overflow.

Connected to the Chatter data logger, rainAhead can be used to calculate the rain intensity. This already provides municipalities across the world with statistics that are invaluable in relation to planning of piping and dimensioning in the future. RainAhead thus helps increase capacity for more efficient operation.

MJK’s rainAhead provides you with stable and reliable precipitation data. You easily connect the rain gauge to the Chatter data logger, which then gives you reliable statistics for the precipitation in your particular area.

One-year warranty









Rain capacity
2.4mm per minute
0.20mm per impulse, max 12 impulses/minute
Potential free relay
R: 1 KΩ ¼W, Max: 28 V AC/DC, Max: 20 mA