Chatter datalogger

Today, data logging is not just processing data such as oxygen, pH or levels. To help adapt and improve our infrastructure, we measure and log data from reservoirs, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, groundwater, surface water, harbors and many other places.

Logging data far away from urban areas is handled by a battery powered data logger that gathers information and sends it to a SCADA system, dedicated databases or even as e-mails when suitable.

Publicly placed data loggers are secured against vandalism and will send a warning when tampered with.

Sending data once a day will provide at battery life time of up to five years.

Information on ground water levels and early warning sewer systems in correlation with nearby urban construction can save millions of Euros in damage.

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    Get information via the public GSM/GPRS network

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    Ready to Give Early Warning

    By sending warning in case of heavy rain

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    Chatter can do on-site calculations on stormflow and more

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    Leak Monitoring

    On levels in storage tanks and sends alarm e.g. a text messages upon sudden level drops

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    MJK will continue to develop firmware and software

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    Easy installation via application wizards

Chatter is an advanced data logging device developed by MJK to work in a stable and secure way - in nature as well as in wells, storm flow systems and public places.
Chatter records levels via MJK Digital Expert Hydrostatic Level Transmitters. It stores and transfers data via GSM/GPRS as e-mail, SMS or directly to SCADA using the standard ModBus RTU protocol.
Chatter is mainly used to register ground water levels and storm flow incidents. Furthermore, today, the Chatter can also calculate rain intensity and compare this to defined time frames. This data can be used to start pumps, thereby avoiding sewage overflow.
Warnings are send from the device in case of low battery or unauthorized access. This makes it easier to plan maintains routines as the Chatter does not need manned monitoring.

In drinking water distribution network systems and boreholes placed a long distances from main power supply, Chatter is used to monitor and log ground water levels, pressure, temperature, flow etc.
Data transmissions can be via simple SMS, or as e-mail with attached CSV package over cell phone network GSM/GPRS to SCADA systems.

Chatter is perfect for logging level and state of spare basins. Chatter works independently of power resources as it is battery powered.
The logged data can be transferred via GSM/GPRS on schedule or triggered by alarms.
The incoming data can advantageously be used for an overview of the level of, for instance, sludge tanks, spare basins and clearing tanks.

In Denmark alone, more than 1,200 Chatter devices are constantly monitoring water levels in ground water, lake streams and such. In the forest areas, the data is providing the Danish Nature Agency with important data on how the nature changes or if there is immediate danger of flooding of roads or areas.
To save power, the Chatter only supplies power to the connected MJK Expert Hydrostatic Level Transmitters while it actually measures. This often lasts for approximately teen seconds. This will make the battery last up to five years.
Chatter is also used on many construction sites to monitor the lowering of the ground water level. This is in order to give a warning in regards to avoiding damage to the construction site and structures.

Here you see the wall mounted Chatter version, logging the stormflow from a V-Notch in a sewage stormflow construction.

Right next to the mounted cabinet, you can see the antenna. 

Chatter data logger provides a vandalism alarm, sending an SMS in case of an intruder. This is often used to protect the Chatter devices placed in forests, or similar places. But the alarm function has also proven popular with water works, providing additional security on their invaluable resources.

Chatter data logger will work for up to five years without maintenance.

That makes Chatter perfect for monitoring in nature.

This Chatter device is placed to monitor the level of the lake, and will send data for statistical usage. The device will send a warning in case of vandalism, or if running out of battery.

Chatter Link Introduction Video

Short introduction video showing the installation process and a brief guide to the UI

Chatter Wall. 1. Intro

Introduction to wall mounted Chatter

Chatter Tube. 1. Intro

Short introduction video to tube mounted Chatter



The separate up-to-five-years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering your MJK product.


Power supply
Built-in 3,6 VDC, 19 Ah lithium battery
Better than 5 years@1 measurement/day and 1 call/day
Memory storage
RTU and E-mail version: 90.000 measured values (date- and timestamped)
Build-in GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz modem w/ on-board SIM- card holder
Digital inputs
4 pcs. 2 - 5 VDC (min. time for state 1 second)
Analog inputs
4 pcs. 0 - 2,5 VDC
Serial Data input
1 pcs. RS-485 Modbus® com port for max. 4 units Modbus® RTU-mode, 9600 baud, 2-wire RS-485, Master mode, Function 3, Read only