Recommended Accessories

This is a selection of accessories, if you find that your installation needs alternative accessories, check the datasheet, or your MJK-consultant.

550246 LiCi Battery 3.6V 19AH for Chatter®

550248 Battery 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Ion

Battery 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Ion for Chatter Data logger

691008 Cable for Expert™ pHix per meter

Additional cable for Expert™ 1100, 7070, pHix w/o tube (SG) PUR.

See the standard cable length delivered with each transmitter in the datasheet.

840400 Chatter Link Configuration Software. RTU/E-mail

Chatter Link Configuration Software. RTU/E-mail

205175 Antenna, large profile, 2 band, 2m cable, 3dB, MMCX/Male

205176 Antenna, large profile, 2 band, 6m cable, 3dB, MMCX/Male

205184 Antenna, Wall/fin-type, 3 band, 0,5 cable MMCX/Male

205185 Antenna, Wall, 3 band, 2m cable, MMCX/Male

205186 Antenna, Wall, 3 band, 6m cable, MMCX/Male

205187 Antenna, Wall, 3 band, 10m cable, MMCX/Male

205188 Antenna, Wall, 3 band, 15m cable, MMCX/Male

205196 Antenne, f.mast 2 band 6m kabel 1 band, 3G, 5db, MMCX/Male

205195 Antenna, Whip, 3 band, 0,25m cable, MMCX/Male

205197 Antenne, f.mast 2 band 10m kabel 1 band, 3G, MMCX/Male

205199 Antenne, Yagi f.mast 2 band 10 m kabel, 2 band, MMCX/Male