3. Expanding outside Denmark

28/03/2017 · MJK MARCOM

The idea of having sales offices outside Denmark started growing in the mid-80s. A Swedish contact initiated talks on collaboration 1989 and ended up founding MJK Sweden, short after MJK Netherlands also here based on a personal connection of Jens Kruse.

In 1995 MJK started producing a series of products for Danish industrial giant, Danfoss. This meant a significant growth not just in sales and production, but also R&D grew. In 2003 our colleagues Siemens acquired Danfoss Flow; it was a natural development, that the collaboration with MJK was cancelled and the new situation left MJK with important decisions to make – Should MJK reorganize to a smaller production and obviously a smaller organization? Should R&D reduce activities on new product groups and focus on core products? Should sales focus be redirected to our home market? – Kruse was determined to see the options in the new situation on the global market, Kruse contacted Egil Olsen in Norway, and together they would MJK Norway which would turn out to be a huge success on the Norwegian market.

The American market is something special. The size and complexity is quite different than Europe. Jens Kruse decided to enter USA by founding MJK USA and was lucky … and clever … when he hired Bob Langie. Bob was well-known in the industry already, and during the next decade he would drive the process of establishing MJK as a brand in North America.

Besides the MJK subsidiaries, companies in Ireland and Australia were permitted to use MJK logo and name, they became a part of the family. Especially Australia and MJK Sweden had tremendous effect on MJKs development as global brand and they were granted special rights to the MJK name even after Xylem acquired MJK. When Xylem acquired MJK Jens Kruse’s business idea had moved 4 times, from loaned facilities to a domicile and sales offices in 8 countries on 4 continents.


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