03/07/2017 · MARCOM

MJK have from the very beginning made a living of innovation. New products have grown from the potential when a solution didn’t exist, or when solutions could be made smarter and financially beneficial for MJK and our customers.

MJK are used to carry an idea to the market alone, Sampler 780 was created by Jens Kruse and Ivan Griese. The 2 engineers were so proud of the design, created extremely safe with screws sealing the lid firmly; they brought the design to a seminar at Danish Technological Institute, for companies to have their industrial design evaluated.

But when engineers get together – sometimes things tends to get complex and this time Danish Technological Institute liked the idea, but offered MJK the assistance of a newly educated industrial designer. He wanted to change the mechanical construction, thereby making Sampler 780 far more user friendly.

Ivan Griese explains:” we worked on a perfect solution, but it is always important to look further than your own desk, you have to listen, when people provide well-meaning advices. Our idea was great, but the designer created a perfect finish of the sampler.”

MJK provided the designer a 3 month internship, focusing on user friendliness keeping in mind, that the safety of the build-in electronics were unchanged. The industrial designer delivered the Sampler 780 ready for market. The design was good, today 29 years later the Sampler 780 still maintain a steady sales figure especially in Scandinavia where accumulated testing is crucial in many areas of waste water outlets.

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