9. When MJK Became "A Xylem Brand"

09/11/2017 · MARCOM

The new millennium brought MJK great expansion and many new products. Especially the export markets showed significant growth, which meant that MJK became a well-known producer also outside Europe.

MJK rose on international awareness, not just because of the new competitive product ranges, such as electromagnetic flow meters, but the newly established MJK USA, greatly illustrated the importance of being active on the American continents.

As the American customers got aware of MJK products, several larger companies approached MJK. The owners of MJK decided to accept an offer from Xylem Inc. as they were already very well-known in the water industry. Xylem not only was experts on analysis, but also had Flygt and other producers of pumps, which would achieve great technological benefits from implementing MJKs pump controllers.

The synergies were obvious. MJK benefitted from Xylem already having local representation on markets where MJK at the time were not present. Xylem could drive great benefits from implementing MJKs competitive pump controls to the enormous range of high quality of pumps, as well as several other products matched the range Xylem already could offer.

MJKs then CEO Janicke Schultz-Petersen looks back, “It was a very special feeling, that afternoon, when we announced that from that day, the ownership of MJK was handed from Jens Kruse, Ivan Griese and me to Xylem Inc. Most of the talk was about the positive aspects and the opportunities of being a part of Xylem. The new ownership acknowledged the way we ran MJK and showed us great respect, both in the talks before the acquisition, but also in asking us to stay at MJK and continue at our positions for a couple of years allowing a new managing director being thoroughly drafted and the handover was therefore very smooth for us, for the company and for the many dedicated employees.”

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