MJK Automation Moves

15/02/2017 · MARCOM

The past 17 years, Byageren 7 has been the domicile of MJK Automation.

For some time it has been obvious that we simply outgrew the domicile and now is the time – MJK moves on March 10th 2017.

Due to the close collaboration with Rudersdal County and of respect of the employees we have decided not to move a long distance. MJK found a new domicile that matches our current size, and at the same time can be adapted for further expansion.

MJKs address from March 10th is
MJK Automation
Blokken 9
3460 Birkerød

We will do our utmost to avoid creating too many issues for you in relation to us moving. You should however note the following dates as our deadlines:

Telephone and mail:
March 9th 16:00 All main phone lines will be re-directed to a call-center, e-mails cannot be expected to be read before our first opening day

March 14th 08:00 New opening and our phones and mail services will be operating as usual

March 3rd Last day of deliveries at Byageren 7,
MJK cannot receive any deliveries from March 3rd to 12th

March 9th Last shipment leaving Byageren 7,
MJK cannot ship products from March 10th to 14th

We are very excited about this epic step in MJKs history. We hope everything will work smoothly but ask for your understanding of our decision of closing order desk and production to move the company as swiftly as possible.

If you, or your company, have any questions regarding the process or have acute issues that need our attention, then please contact your normal contact person as soon as possible, and let’s try and find a solution.