Product news from MJK - pHix Compact v. 3!

07/01/2021 · MarCom

The new 3rd generation pHix® pH sensor is here. It comes with both Modbus RS 485 output as well as analog 4-20 mA signal. Both measurement curve slope and linearity have been improved and future firmware upgrades are now possible with the RS 485 Modbus communication protocol. The new design in fortron PPS makes pHix® Compact v.3 almost 100% corrosion-resistant. Due to the durable materials and long-term stability of the transmitter and electrode, pHix® Compact v.3 is now - in addition to measurements in wastewater - also very suitable for pH measurements in waste and drinking water applications, marine applications, process applications and industrial and aquaculture applications. The advanced and unique design of pHix® Compact v.3 ensures that work is performed quickly, easily and with high accuracy.

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