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At MJK, we have high-reaching goals benefitting many companies around the world. We work hard, and when we succeed with something, we like to let the world know.

Updates and current news 

At MJK, we constantly aim at improving so that we can deliver the best to our customers. That is why we continuously launch new products and improved versions of already existing products. In addition, we are constantly trying to acquire new knowledge so that we can figure out how to develop products and solutions of the highest possible quality.

As part of Xylem Inc., one of the world's leading suppliers of water technology, we, at MJK, are very proud of our achievements. Working with our customers and our approximately 45 sister companies in Xylem Inc. is always incredibly exciting. At MJK, we are in constant development. If you are interested in reading more about how we work with our satisfied customers, please read selected cases here.

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