A Good Place to Work

At MJK, we take great care in continuously maintaining and developing our daily working environment.

We believe that the working environment is an important factor, not only in the development of our core products, but also to the people who work here - and we make it our business to care.

Our products continuously undergo quality checks and so does our place of work - and we are proud to be officially labelled "a good place to work" and carry the Green Smiley symbol issued by the official Danish Working Environment Authority.

Unsolicited Application

At the core of MJK's success are the people who make it work - and we pride ourselves in attracting the very best and caring for them.

Innovation, determination and skills are what we founded our business on and they remain the key factors of our future.

Mail us your application and resume at mjkjob@xyleminc.com

All working processes are thoroughly evaluated. Not just to be more efficient, but most importantly to secure each and every employee against long term or acute injuries.

An example:  All employees working with heavy items or sensitive electronics receive free footwear designed to protect the employee as well as the electronic parts.

We have always had a company that allowed individuality for all employees. It’s a core value for us.

We are working in a relaxed atmosphere; we know that great ideas come from all corners of our building.

Our colleagues are very diverse. It means a lot to us that we all respect each individual colleague - this generates human value.