At MJK, our employees are a big part of our success, and therefore we make a great effort to take good care of them. We are proud to have the green smiley symbol, which is a signal that we have a healthy work environment and that this is a great place to work.

We constantly strive to improve our work environment, so that our employees feel happy to come to work and want to do their best. We believe that the working environment is a crucial factor in the company's development, and that a good working environment is important for the people who make a huge effort every day. If you are interested in getting to know us better, you can read more about us here.


At the core of MJK's success are the people who make it work - and we pride ourselves in attracting the very best and caring for them.

Innovation, determination and skills are what we founded our business on and they remain the key factors of our future.

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Help us make a difference

As an employee at MJK, you help make a difference in the world. We really appreciate that. We have great ambitions to create a future without global water shortages. That is why we need skilled and innovative employees who can help achieve our goals.

We are a workplace where there is room for everyone, regardless of differences, experiences and origins. It is very important to us that there is mutual respect in the workplace and that we listen to each other. The tone is relaxed and we believe that the good idea can come from anyone.

All work processes are well thought out - not only to streamline, but also to increase the safety of our employees. With us, there is room for development and learning, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome.