How to return goods safely...

Under the following conditions, MJK Xylem offers a 60 days return policy:

  • Standard goods may be returned only after prior written individual agreement and subject to the following fees:
    • Provided that goods are returned in unbroken original packaging, a fee of 15% of the invoice amount is charged.
    • Provided that goods are returned in broken original packaging, a fee of 50% of the invoice amount is charged.
  • Special customized goods cannot be returned.
  • Costs and risks of shipping to MJK Xylem's address, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Returned goods are only accepted if an RMA is attached.
  • Returned goods MUST be cleaned before sending. Non-cleaned goods will not be accepted/received, but will be returned to sender.
A repair job or item return always starts by filling in the form. This way, we can be certain that your item is received by the right department, and you avoid unnecessary waiting time
After receiving your filled in form, MJK creates the RMA document and mail it to you
Print the RMA you received from MJK
Pack your items carefully, include the RMA document on paper
Ship the package to MJK
MJK will contact you no later than two weeks after receiving the package

Never ship items without the printed RMA.
Due to safety, and hygiene, all returned items must be cleaned thoroughly before shipment.

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