Flow measurement

We produce and supply both electromagnetic flow meters and open channel flow converters. This is for both drinking water and waste water processes, as well as for industrial applications.

Flow measurement is a process used frequently in drinking water and waste water processing plants. We serve waste water operations and water works with instruments that accurately determines water volume, controls processes and performs various calculations to ensure efficient use of water.

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    Easy Installation

    Our calibration code setup makes it easy to install and automate measurement

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    Solid modular design with unique mounting options

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    Our sensors and converters can be combined to meet specific requirements

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    We take data seriously. Our solutions secure your data at any time.

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    Outstanding measuring methods designed to eliminate non-revenue water loss

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    Our multilingual operator panel is intuitive and user-friendly designed for automation

Open Channel Flow Measurement

Our open channel flow meters are used in standard weirs and flumes and are adaptable to any standard or non-standard weir or flume. ISO 1438 standard flow calculation is calculated by level measuring on ultrasonic or hydrostatic level sensors.

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MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

The versatile modular design of our MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters offer a broad range of potential applications and the flexibility to meet a wide variety of pressurized closed pipe system requirements.

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Prefabricated flumes

We offer a range of prefabricated flumes as add-on and accessories for the 713 Flow Converter. The flumes are available in stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced polyester depending on the type. They are designed according to the ISO 1438 standards.

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