Expert Level Measurement

Expert™ Hydrostatic Submersible Level Transmitters are developed to deliver stable and exact level measurement - even in very harsh environments. Expert™ works flawlessly with a minimum of maintenance.

The product range is developed to meet requirements from various parts of water, wastewater and aqua culture industries. The demands are tough and the Expert™ series delivers accuracy and long lifetime.

The Danish developed and produced level transmitters are constructed in various housings and materials. Some Expert™ transmitters are UL or ATEX certified for usage in explosive hazardous areas.

The cable is very solid and flexible, and easy to install. The Expert™ series is user programmable. This secures that end-users can select measuring ranges.

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    Designed in enforced housing material

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    The transmitters are delivered with a predefined but reprogrammable measuring range

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    Easy installation

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    PUR insulation and constructed for 1000kg tensile strength

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    Extremely wide measuring range from 0 to 300 m.

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    UL-ATEX Approval

    Expert™ 1400 and 3400 are working in explosive hazardous areas world wide

MJK’s production facility is very flexible. Time has taught us that teamwork will make an organization grow.

When MJK became a part of the Xylem family, our customer base grew significantly over night. But we know that even at our busiest hour we are expected to deliver quality and stability.

That’s why our customers keep coming back - both well-known as well as brand new ones.

As a part of the assembly process, Expert pressure transmitters are laser imprinted individually. This means that we - at any given time - can document all parts of the mounting process from start, over delivery, to customer.

All main models are developed and assembled at MJK, Denmark.

The pressure transmitter is tested thoroughly before delivery. We test communication but also physical pressure on the sensor. The testing procedure is pivotal when you want to deliver a world class product.

Though most electronic parts today are produced in large factories, we still prefer that our specialists assemble, solder and check the quality of the individual parts.

The specialists pre-assemble a miniature print using electronic microscope.

They do it using specialized equipment which ensures quality and also the best possible working conditions. 



Accordion control

Expert™ is delivered providing 4-20 mA or ModBus RS485 output

Level and temperature measurement

Accordion control

Expert™ measures level and temperature. Both measurements can be achieved as an output signal.

Usage in harsh environments

Accordion control

The ceramic sensor in 3400 will provide exact measurements, also in harsh chemical environments.