Perfect pump control will lower your operating costs and give you greater reliability. MJK supplies some of the market's most advanced control and monitoring units, which is why you are always guaranteed high quality and precision when controlling waterworks, pumping stations, smaller treatment plants and sewer systems.

With proper pump control, you will typically achieve lower power consumption, longer life on your pumps and better utilization of sewer systems and wells. Therefore, it is important that you think about long-time quality when choosing pump control.

A modern MJK RTU pump control does not only activate pumps. It is an intelligent programmable device that, via the many built-in standard functions, uses the wanted parameters to calculate the most efficient operation of your pumps. A continuously collection and logging of data is an integral part hereof.

The Connect series are integrated control and monitoring units. These are incredibly flexible both in relations to which products are controlled and which parameters you use to carry out these controls. We know how important the safety surrounding pumps is to our customers. But today, it is at least as important that the operation and transport of water is as efficient as possible.



The very flexible Mµ Connect can be expanded as needed. Not only with the nConnect device, but with a wide range of I/O modules that give you the inputs and outputs you need. Mµ Connect communicates via standard SCADA protocols over GSM, private secured lines or directly connected to the SCADA system.

The nConnect monitoring unit is most often used as open land management and as a unit for Mµ Connect. The versatile communication options are characteristics of MJK, where you can read directly of the installation or communicate with the monitoring system.

Whether you invest in MJK products for control and monitoring, level measurement, flow measurement or analysis measurement, we are available with service, support and advice, so you can have maximum benefits from the products.

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    Easy installation, assembly and setup.

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    Programmable control

    The Connect series has many features that allow you to control things based on several parameters.

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    Data Security

    You get ongoing reports with collected data ensuring efficient operation.