The perfect pump controller will lower your operating costs. You will get lower power consumption, longer pump lifetime and better utilization of the sewer system and wells.

A modern MJK RTU Pump Controller not only activates pumps – it is an intelligent, programmable device which, among many standard features, uses the parameters you decide to calculate the most efficient operation of your pumps.

The Connect series is incredibly flexible with regards to what products are controlled and with which parameters you chose to control your pumps, etc. We know it is of utmost importance that your pumps are under safe and secured control. But we also insist that the operation of pumps should be as efficient as possible since environmental consideration is a must when transporting water.

The very flexible Mµ Connect can be expanded, not only with the intelligent slave device, nConnect, but by use of a wide selection of I/O modules providing you the input and output you need. Mµ Connect communicates using standard Scada protocols over the public cell phone network, private lines or directly to your SCADA system.

nConnect works as an open land controller with build-in modem and even works as a slave device to Mµ Connect. 

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    Easy installation

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    The Connect series holds a variety of logical functions, allowing you to control your operations as you prefer

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    Data Safety

    Both the Connect series and the Chatter can transfer collected data directly into a SCADA system either via modem or private lines