HMI 7" Touchscreen

The clear and graphical design saves time and helps the pump maintain operation by providing all data by a touch. By adding an HMI Display to a pump station, the maintenance team will save time, and get better and clear information.

Designed for use with all types of water distribution pumps on the market.

MJK HMI has built-in data logger. All measured analogue values are presented as graphs and can be turned on/off for easy comparison. The latest eight active and inactive alarms can be seen and, if active, acknowledged in the alarm list.

Built-in pump maintenance/service interval feature, plus many more functions, are found in the intuitive graphical user interface.

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    Multiple Pump Data

    The HMI display handles up to four pumps

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    Built-in Service Interval

    On-site resettable pump data counters

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    HMI can be delivered tailor-made for waterworks

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    Intuitive Power Usage Indicator

    Showing if optimal current draw of the pumps are achieved

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    Export Data

    Download data at site, the HMI holds a USB plug

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    Easy Data Comparison

    Showing the historical trends and pump data by three hours, one day or seven days view

Arriving to a pump station you want one thing – information. The HMI Display provides a visual and intuitive dashboard. Navigation secures a swift adjustment of the operating conditions, for instance, the start/stop levels or the high/low alarm levels. Manual pump control is handled equally easy. It’s possible to block the pumps for maintenance or repair. The built-in data logger provides a historical view of the operating conditions and power consumption, making this the perfect display for the pump station.

Use the 7” HMI Display to fine-tune the operating conditions. The built-in data logger provides a graphical view of analog values in three hours, one day or seven days view. The alarm history will provide an overview of all active and finished alarm incidents. The display works well in all weather conditions, from -20 °C to +50 °C.

The modern smaller or medium sized waterworks don't have to make heavy investments in electronics. The HMI Display can be standard or tailor-made to provide a fast overview of the entire process of your water work plant.
The intuitive touch screen provides easy access to important data or to adjusting the start/stop levels and process set points.
The built-in data logger provides a graphical view of analog values in three hours, one day or seven days view.
The alarm history will provide an overview of all active and finished alarm incidents.

At regular service on a pump station, the operator gets a fast overview of the pumping station from the HMI.

Flexibility and profitability of a pump station is not just a matter of power consumption, but also a matter of how fast and easy the technician can access and adjust the parameters on a daily basis 

HMI connected to the internet provides remote access capabilities using lap tops, PC's, tablets and smart phones.

This offers flexibility and profitability to the pump management team.



The separate up-to-five-years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering your MJK product.


Power Supply
24 ±20% VDC
7” TFT / Resolution 800 x 480 pixels (W x H)
COM Port COM1 (RS-232/RS-485 2W/4W), COM3(RS-232/RS-485 2W) Supports MPI 187.5K
Cabinet Material