Level Measurement

Level measurement is an important part of the processes with tanks, basins and other water containers. In many cases MJK’s comprehensive range of liquid level measurement instruments cover virtually any task imaginable.

We have prioritized measuring quality, usability and lifetime. Our range covers hydrostatic, ultrasonic and mechanical contacts. The right device for the right purpose.

Working with water, you need stable measurement, our R&D department is constantly improving and adapting products and features for special  purposes, but our standard range matches waste water, wells, boreholes, nature preservation, surface water, building constructions and a lot of other applications.

Both the ultrasonic and the hydrostatic measurement automatically compensates the measurement related to the liquid and surrounding temperature, this provides exact measurement in cold as well as warm weather.

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    Designed in enforced housing material suitable for all water applications

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    Shuttle learns the physical look and obstacles in the well in which it is mounted, thereby avoiding false echos

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    Easy installation

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    Expert™ 1400 and 3400 are working in explosive hazardous areas world wide

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    The transmitters are delivered with a predefined but reprogrammable measuring range

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    4-20 mA or optional ModBus output allows integration with most standard applications

Hydrostatic Level Measurement

Expert™ Hydrostatic Level Transmitters are developed to produce exact level measurements, in various liquid applications. The level transmitters are monitoring the levels in boreholes, wastewater and sewer wells or even in explosion hazardous areas.

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Ultrasonic measurement

Ultrasonic measurement is perfect when measuring very greasy, corrosive or fluids otherwise harmful to a pressure transmitter. Also in cases of measuring relatively sterile water, you often do not want contact to the measured media.

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On-Off Level Control

MJK on-off level control provides simple on-off control and water level detection.

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