pH & Redox measurement

The unique and practical design of pHix Compact enables measurement of pH or Redox potential from the media in which it is submerged. 

The unique design of pHix Compact eliminates high impedance electrode connections and use of special hardware for mounting, and with the large surface of the pHix Compact reference junction the electrode is less sensitive to pollution.

All known issues such as corrosion, moisture and oxidation due to high impedance are practically eliminated with this construction.

This is one of the most user friendly pH transmitters on the market. The buffer adjustment of the pHix Compact is very easy to perform securing high repeatability.

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    Compact Design

    pHix Compact provides electrode, fitting and transmitter in one simple construction

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    Wide range of accessories makes installation easy

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    Easy installation, the pHix Compact is easily mounted and setup

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    Powered directly from PLC (active input 12-30VDC)

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    Easy Maintenance

    Automatic buffer sequence started via switchable handle or through tilt switch

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    pHix Compact™ provides 4-20 mA

pHix Compact is a ground-breaking and a very practical solution to customary pH transmitters. It is simple to install and easy to use. pHix Compact is your security of always measuring the pH value at the inlet of your plant, and thereby protecting the micro biologic organisms within the plant against incoming high-pH fluids.

pHix Compact is used for measuring and monitoring pH values of water borings, wells and other levels of drinking water
The sensor calibration is very simple, and easily executed.
Changing electrodes are made easy, and can be done in a minute.
The compact transmitter provides 4-20 mA directly from the device

Measuring pH values are a crucial part of providing the optimal water condition for the fish.
pHix is well-proven in the waste water industry, the measuring quality is high.
Maintenance and calibration are especially designed for easy handling and swift calibration.
The pHix is unique as converter and sensor is built-in in one piece
pHix provides a signal which can be used directly for adjustment of acid/base adjustment for the perfect pH value
The signal is 4-20mA or HART can provide the measured data directly into database.

pH measuring, done using online insitu sensors provides real time data for e.g the pH value in a basin or tank.

Any organic process is sensitive to the pH balance, from the smallest microbes working in a waste water plant to large exotic fish in nature, fish farms etc.

pHix Compact provides an easy and intuitive working process and a trustworthy measurement.

Online pH and temperature measurement in drinking water facilities.

On a drinking water treatment plant, the pH value is used to control and regulate the pH value of the incoming raw water and securing the right pH and temperature on the outgoing drinking water.

The waste water proces is sensitive to the pH value, specific at the inlet of a treatment plant, where the pHix Compact measures and alerts if the pH value de,- or increases from accepted values.


Fully Submersible

Accordion control

4-20 mA transmitter including electrode

No Connectors or Electrode-to-Transmitter Cables

Accordion control

Eliminates problems with humidity and electrical noise

Large Reference Junction

Accordion control

Very resistant to clogging and hence measuring errors due to clogging

Very Solid

Accordion control

Designed for water/waste water and industrial applications

Unique Simple and Easy Buffer Adjustment

Accordion control

Use the buffer solution found in accessories. The buffer solution is delivered in pH 4, 7 and 10.


Accordion control

Is produced in RYTON® (PPS) chemical resistant material

Special Electrode Design

Accordion control

Low impedance, larger electrolyte volume and larger junction all together creates longer electrode lifetime

Options for Buffer Rutine “Click the Switch” or “Tip and Dip”

Accordion control

Field calibration is also activated with the removable magnetically coupled switch collar (‘Click the Switch’)
Field calibration activated by an internal tilt switch when pHix Compact is turned upside down (‘Tip and Dip’).



The separate up to five years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering of your MJK product.


2-wire supply, 12 - 30 V DC
Ryton® (PPS)
Input, pH and mV:
0 -14 pH / - 1000 … + 1000 mV
± 0,01 pH / 1 mV