Monitoring and Control

Correct pump control can save you a lot of money on the bottom line. An efficient control unit uses much less power than a standard control unit.

Today, data is collected and logged from the control and monitoring of most pumping stations, including the quality and quantity of discharged water as well as inlets from waterworks, pump wells, aquaculture and treatment plants. Proper pump control can contribute to process optimization, easier workflow and cost reduction.

Our Connect series has already ensured large savings on energy-efficient pump operation, fewer service hours and an easier workflow while protecting the environment. Our devices collect data and intelligently use this data to control operations based on the parameters you have set.

The changing weather and large amounts of rain in recent decades have increased the need to monitor nature and infrastructure. In all modesty, our data loggers have had great success in this area. They collect data on levels, temperatures and much more, which is sent to your SCADA system, mobile phone or database.

Your data is valuable, which is why we have secured it against both the effects of weather and vandalism with compact and simple designs. If you want to hear more about management and monitoring, you are always very welcome to contact our qualified employees.

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    Programmable Control

    The Connect series are integrated control and monitoring units with advanced functions for controlling waterworks, pumping stations, treatment plants, as well as for measuring, recording and alarming in extreme weather.

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    One of the great advantages of using MJK's product range is that it is quick and easy to install and configure, so that control and monitoring of complex processes is performed in a simple and clear way.

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    In the Mµ Connect monitoring unit, we have gathered a large number of advanced functions, including power saving, data storage and SCADA communication. This makes water management easier than ever.

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    In a secure and simple way, the Chatter and Connect series continuously collect and log data for reporting. This applies whether it is measurements for wastewater, drinking water, aquaculture or industry and research.

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    Rugged design

    Our Chatter Data Logger is designed for placement in public space. This is why it has a built-in burglar alarm and can withstand extreme weather conditions as well as tampering or other damage.

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    Chatter can communicate by email, mobile phone, or to a SCADA system or database. This way you can always monitor the latest data for level, pressure, temperature, flow rates or other important parameters.

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    Monitor Link is widely used by private water utilities as an optimal and cost-effective solution that meets the requirements for reporting and documentation - with either standard images or as custom reporting.

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    With our product range, you get control and monitoring with simple customization. Our user setup program is intuitive and easy to use.

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    MJK HMI display for control units gives you an overview of the operation of your pump stations. The display has clear symbols, graphical display and intuitive menus that fit the entire Connect series.


Proper pump control can save you a lot of money on the bottom line. An efficient control uses far less power than a standard control does, which will lower your operating costs. With RTU pump control, you thus get a more flexible, economical and intelligent pump control.

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HMI Touch Display

MJK HMI-touch displays are used for clear communication, an easy overview and quick adjustments of applications. The display offers a wide range of practical functions for reading pump status.

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Monitor Link - Server-Based SCADA-system

Monitor Link ensures full monitoring, control, data collection and alarm handling for waterworks, boreholes, decentralized pump units and similar installations. The system is structured in an easy and clear way and does not require its own server or similar.

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