Monitoring and Control

The perfect pump controller will lower your operating costs.

We know that monitoring and control is a lot more than just activating pumps. Our Connect series has had great success due to the fact that it has generated significant savings. These saving are on lower power consumption, longer lifetime of pumps, fewer service hours and better utilization of the sewer system and wells. Our devices gather data and use this data intelligently to control your operation based on the parameters you decide.

The change in weather conditions these past few decades has significantly increased the demand for monitoring nature and infrastructure. Our data loggers have had great success because they gather data about levels, temperature and a lot more. They send this data to your SCADA or database. MJK data loggers are constructed to work where conditions can be rough. That is why secure them against weather and vandalism.

Your data is valuable, and that’s in fact why we protect them.

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    Programmable Control

    Connect Series have numerous build-in functions

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    Data Security

    Chatter and Connect Series collect data and report according to schedule or real-time

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    Simple expansion

    Mµ Connect can be expanded with a large number of in- and output terminals

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    All software and firmware updates are free

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    Rugged design

    Chatter Data logger is designed to be placed in public areas

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    Chatter Datalogger can be configured to communicate via E-mail, SCADA or database

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    Easy installation and configuration

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    Simple adjustments

    Free software provides access to all kinds of programming

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    Clear Communication

    HMI is created for intuitive adjustments and readouts from the Connect Series


The perfect pump controller will lower your operating costs. You will get lower power consumption, longer lifetime of the pump and better utilisation of the sewer system or wells.

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Data Logging

The need for logged data from process but also from the nature has increased significantly the past decade.

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HMI Touch Display

Touch displays is made to provide clear communication and provide easy overview at site.

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