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North-West Funen in Denmark has been unifying their pump stations throughout the territory. The last county started their project in 2015, knowing they wanted MJK Mµ Connect.

Claes Barlebo, Operating Manager, Middelfart Spildevand explains why MJK was chosen for the full project and not just for the RTU:”We made a standard invitation, MJK simply won. MJK had the best price and quality, so the decision was very simple. We had a start-up meeting with MJK's Service Manager, and went through the project plan from start to end and besides that we had meetings during the project. I was often informed by him about the progress, which made me comfortable because I knew MJK was completely on schedule even though the stations are pretty wide-spread. On top of that, MJK made an Open Items list even though it was just a few points missing. That shows we are dealing with professional project management – I can only recommend my colleagues working that way.”

MJK's Service Manager is an experienced project manager. He was responsible for collaboration between MJK R&D, production, the external panel constructor, and the local electricians that took care of the final mounting.

He explains,” I know from my background as project manager in the waste water business that local people should do the mounting. They have the local knowledge, short transportation time, and top motivation to deliver quality on medium and larger projects.”

To me as operating manager, this project was very important. All the way through, I had the feeling that MJK was on top of every situation.

Claes Barlebo · Operating Manager, Middelfart Spildevand

“To me as operating manager, this project was very important. All the way through I had the feeling that MJK was on top of every situation.” Claes Barlebo elaborates “…and they have created value for us. Now we actually have around 300 pump stations using Mµ Connect. All my technicians will always arrive at a pump station where they know the controls inside-out – that saves a lot of working hours!”
Ejby county didn’t use MJK beforehand, but the transition of the first 21 pumps stations went smoothly. Michael Hansen is the manager of the pump stations and local waste water plant. He simply created a list of pump stations and gathered the necessary SIM cards. In return he got 21 fully upgraded pump stations, complete with Mµ Connect and HMI Displays.

“The HMI display makes it way more user friendly compared to the old system. Now, I have an overview of level and ampere right away, and it’s almost impossible to make a mess. The panels were mounted and tested into our IGGS, then they were handed over together with the documentation, both on paper and as files as agreed. It was a complete package I got, and at the same time, I could just concentrate on my normal tasks.” Michael Hansen explains.

Michael is very satisfied with the entire project, not just the brand new modern hardware, but also the way MJK communicates. ”Even though most of the project was managed from MJK in Copenhagen, sometimes it is nicer to meet face to face, so the Service manager came by and gave us the time needed to follow up on this and that.

MJK has been doing project management domestically and abroad - ask our service department how we can help your project.

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