Recommended Accessories

This is a selection of accessories. If you find that your installation needs alternative accessories, check the datasheet, or ask your MJK-consultant.

203551 Integrator / timer for 780 Sampler

Integrator / timer 783-1320 for 780 Input, 4-20mA signal

595006 Repair kit for 780 compressor

Repair kit for compressor in 780 Sampler

595010 Outlet valve for 780

Outlet valve for 780 Sampler

595110 Sample glass for 780

Sample glass for 780 Sampler

595120 Inlet tube PVC 10x14mm

Inlet tube pvc / per meter.

595121 Effluent tube silicone / pr.m

Effluent tube silicone / per meter.

200205 Universal Bracket

Universal pipe bracket developed with grip clamps for mounting on pipes.