MJK & Tårnby – 38 years of long-term testing

Tårnby waste water plant is placed just 200 meters from the harbor and Amager Beach Park. So demands on the process and outlet quality have always been very high. The professional attitude on the plant leaves you without doubt that they fulfill the demands set by the county.

On the earliest tests, Ivan recalls, “The first couple of ultrasonic controllers for the MJK703U were mounted there. It all went great but when winter arrived, we had minus 25C and they stopped working. It was a small component that couldn’t handle the conditions. I remember how terribly cold it was, because we were doing the repair on an open land station in the biting frosty wind. We did solve the issue, and actually sold thousands of that pump controller world-wide. The processor is, by the way, 704U, which is still in our program.

Jan Jakobsen, Operating Manager for the pump station in Tårnby puts it: “We said yes to all those tests because people like Ivan and Kaj Jyde were part of it. In general, the products actually worked perfectly when MJK start testing here, but we knew, that if something would happen, they’d be here very fast."

Ivan Griese was R&D Director at MJK for 35 years. When Xylem acquired MJK it was a main priority to keep Ivan in the company as consultant.

Ivan explains why he appreciates work with Tårnby:”They are great at explaining what they need. No-nonsense customers are invaluable for us as developers in this very complicated business. Through our collaboration and trust we have been testing new products there for ages.”.

We know that MJK doesn’t have the lowest prices, but the equipment lasts longer. We don’t buy the cheap controller or pressure transmitters because the stability is way better and the service too, when you’re dealing with MJK.

Jan Jakobsen · Operating Manager for pump stations in Tårnby

MJK always run long-term testing. These tests are mainly done in installations in Denmark. This has provided a unique option of getting feedback from some of the most demanding waste water people in the world.

Requirements, questions, suggestion and all sorts of comments have always been welcome – it’s an important part of getting better at what you do.

MJK knows that to be the preferred producer in the waste water industry, we have to deliver great products, trustworthy service, stable operations and a good long term financial solution for our customers. That mantra brought MJK from a three person back yard company to an expanding business owned by Xylem, having customers on six continents.

Jan looks at MJK as a part of Xylem” We saw the changes that happened when MJK became a part of Xylem, but MJK have always had great people coming here, some people have gotten new roles, but the new people have done really well. We still have a great relationship with MJK and the service is still great.”

MJK also tested the 704U at Tårnby waste water. Tårnby decided to install the pump controllers – and now, 20 years later they are still working flawlessly.

Tårnby Forsyning has lately started exchanging the 704 with the newer model Mµ Connect. Jan explains ”704 was just fantastic when they made it. We never had any issues with the new Mµ Connect which we started installing shortly after they were released. They are a bit different because they are fully digital, but using the HMI Display it’s still simple to work with.

Mµ Connect RTU

Learn more about Mµ Connect pump controller and remote telemetric unit 

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