Certificates and approvals

At MJK, we guarantee the best quality for our customers. Our goal is to help create a future without global water shortages. We believe that working with our customers can make a difference in the world. In this process, quality and safety are key words ensuring trust between our partners and us.

Here, you can read about our certificates and approvals ensuring our partners the highest possible quality and the best solutions. By certifying our company and a wide range of our products, we ensure our partners that our products live up to requirements. This is a step in the process towards our common goals.

At MJK, we have CE, UL and ATEX secured products as well as an ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Our ambitious goals require a lot of work. Together with our partners, we are sure to get far. Our certificates listed on this page are proof that we strive to be the best. We ensure that our products and solutions live up to the strictest quality requirements. In addition, we are constantly working to expand our number of certifications because we know that many countries have their own certifications. This is how we ensure that we can deliver the best quality.

We deliver the best quality and the latest technology

Productive cooperation requires trust, and we find trust very important. Rest assured that our products and solutions are always of the highest possible quality and created using the latest technology. We are convinced that in this way we will achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction. Together we are one step closer to the goal.

On this page, next to our certificates and approvals, you can also read about a number of awards, of which that we are incredibly proud. We are passionate about providing the best solutions for our customers. With recognition and satisfied customers, we can continue our work with pride. If you are interested in reading more about how we work together with our customers, please read a selection of cases here.

Through innovative technologies and many years of experience, we constantly try to evolve and keep up with developments. This way we can continue to deliver products of the highest possible quality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are ready to help you!


We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

The MJK ISO 9001:2015 certification means that partners, suppliers or costumers can rest ensured that the process workflow and systems surrounding our products and services meet the highest demands.

In short, our organisation has undergone an extensive evaluation to meet the standards of this classification. This international standard specifies the demands of a quality control system where a company:

a) wishes to test and demonstrate its capacity to continuously supply products that meet customer demands and relevant legal and regulatory requirements

b) aims at strengthening its customers satisfaction rate. This is done by effective use of quality control systems in regards to ongoing improvements of the system. Furthermore, it happens in accordance with customer demands and relevant legal and regulatory requirements.


All MJK products are produced according to the norms defined in the CE Conformity directives.


UL is a global independent organization. Its certifications approve operating safety and ensures that reasonable safety instructions for products are available.

UL certifies, validates tests, verifies, inspects, audits, advises and educates professional companies, and have done so for more than 100 years.

Selected MJK products are UL, cUL and ATEX approved. Read more about these certifications in the datasheets.


The Danish Confederation of Industries, DI, annually presents their Initiative Prize to companies or enterprises, which have shown a significant initiative within the field of technology, marketing and sales.

In 2000, this honour was awarded to MJK and was celebrated with a small ceremony where His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark presented MJK's management with the award.

Company of the year 2014

In 2014, due to MJK's tradition and dedication to social responsibility, MJK was awarded "Company of the year" by Rudersdal Municipality.

Electrical waste

Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) contains materials, components and substances that can be hazardous and harmful to human health and the environment if the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is not disposed of properly.

Products marked with the crossed-out waste bin shown are EEE. The crossed-out waste bin symbolizes that WEEE must not be disposed of with unsorted waste, but should be disposed of separately.

Our customers, who are users of EEE, should not dispose of WEEE together with other waste. It is important to reduce the environmental impact of disposing of WEEE and to increase opportunities for reuse, recycling and recovery of WEEE. Therefore, our customers should either use the local recycling schemes or send the electrical and electronic MJK equipment returned to MJK in the following way:

  1. The electrical and/or electronic MJK equipment to be scrapped should be securely packed and sent to MJK. Find the address here: https://mjk.com/contact
  2. Write clearly that the equipment is to be scrapped
  3. Our customers pay for postage to MJK's address in Birkerød, Denmark
  4. MJK returns the electrical and/or electronic scrap correctly via Elretur. This is free of charge for our customers. Read more about Elretur here: https://elretur.dk/english/

Note - this only applies to electrical and/or electronic equipment from MJK!

If our customers choose to use their area’s local WEEE scheme, there should be local recycling stations for this purpose, where WEEE can be handed over for a fee. Further information must be obtained from the local authorities.