Mµ Connect RTU

Mµ Connect is a combined pump controller and Remote Telemetric Unit for smart monitoring and controlling of water pumps.

It includes advanced energy optimization, data collection and communication features that make water management easier than ever.

Designed primarily for pumping stations and small water treatment plants, Mµ Connect controls pumps, measures and record overflows, monitors filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply and much more. All by use of the standard build-in features.

Mµ Connect has build-in Wi-Fi and can be configured either via the PC program Connect Link or controlled directly from a smartphone using the MJK Connect App.

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    Control more via I/O Modules

    32 digital in- and 32 digital outputs, and 16 analog in- and 16 analog outputs

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    Energy saving

    Advanced functions for energy-optimised pumping operations

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    Instrument Bus connection

    iNET ModBus communication controllers for flows and VFD's, etc.

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    Easy mounting

    Modular mounting on DIN rail

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    SCADA systems communication

    Communicates with SCADA systems using standard PLC protocols

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    Intelligent data logging

    Controller function includes intelligent data logging

Mµ Connect is used for water and waste water pumping stations and small waste and water treatment plants.

With the many included and dedicated features to measure and record storm flow or optimize and control a waste water distribution network, Mµ Connect can run and operate the site without any add-on control system.

The advanced features for energy optimization of water pumps can control the connected pump frequency drives which run the pumps. The control will work in order to find and set the optimal pump speed in order to achieve the best possible ratio between the pumped volume and power consumption.

As a standard, Mµ Connect also has logical functions such as easy user setup, data logging for historical trends and, not least, communication with SCADA systems using standard PLC protocols over the cell phone network.

Mµ Connect has built-in WIFI and is configured with Connect Link. Furthermore, set-points can be inserted and changed locally with a smart phone.

Mµ Connect is used for controlling and monitoring raw/ground water pumps, booster pumps, water treatment plants and filters.

The Mµ Connect also has standard logical functions, providing easy user programming, data logging for historical trends and, not least, communication with SCADA systems like Monitor Link using standard PLC protocols over the public cell phone network.

This intelligent and programmable RTU device will not only provide pump control. It also provides energy saving operation of the pumps controlling the flow in fish tanks and controls your pumps based directly on data of the water conditions.
The Mµ Connect CPU can handle up to four pumps, but can be expanded via the I/O modules to control up to eight pumps.

Mµ Connect can operate and control the cleaning process of micro screens.

The open register list allows creative programming options, such as pump control, light control, air blowers and aerators for optimizing the power consumption of the fish farm.

According to a planned Quality Control Program, all RTU devices are submitted to long term test before delivery.

Specialized skilled electronics technicians monitor the process and share knowledge and experience to enhance, not only the test phase, but also the product itself.

Sharing knowledge is an important part of our day and a pivotal step towards progress.

Mµ Connect is used widely for infrastructural installations such as de-watering of roads. 

Field service and configuration done locally or remote by use of Connect Link.

Our technicians can be a part of the setup and maintenance of monitoring and controlling devices.

The technicians hold great experience in working safely and effectively - no matter where the panel is placed.

Configuration can be done from the HMI touch screen or using the build-in USB connector of Mµ Connect.


Smart Thinking

MJK has developed a smartphone app to help you adjust and manage a wide range of important parameters.

With build-in WiFi, the MJK Connect app for iPhone and Android allows you to stop, restart or block any pump or start, adjust or stop alarm levels. Download the free app from the App Store or Android Market.

Fast Overview

The HDMI display controller provides the perfect overview of your pumping stations' operations.

The display includes immediate pump status readings and graphic displays of current levels. I also includes an overview of both active and historical alarms.

Set Point Displacement

Wastewater often settles at just two levels - when the pump is on, and when it’s off (start/stop levels). Sludge, grease and other corruption manifests on the sides of a well at these set points and continue to flourish until breaking off and (eventually) blocking the pump.

To avoid this situation, Mµ Connect allows you vary start and stop levels to significantly reduce pump blockage.

Depth Pumping

By transferring wastewater prior to heavy rainfall, depth pumping increases a well's ability to manage heavy rainwater influx, thus helping to avoid overflow at street level.

Based on input from, for instance, a rainAhead rain gauge, Mµ Connect can initiate the pump even though the ordinary start level is not near. Mµ Connect will then keep the operation as economical as possible, still keeping focus on avoiding storm-flow.


Flexible communication

Accordion control

The flexible communication modules support the most ideal and economical way of communication for the task. We offer GSM / GPRS and PSTN Modem, radio, own lines via RS485 or RS232 and Ethernet.

Storm flow register

Accordion control

With the build-in internal storm flow function, Mµ Connect® can calculate storm events, giving data for flow and volume based upon level measurement and pre-defined coalition between level and volume.


Accordion control

Mµ Connect can be programmed to act based on logical functions. This allows you to create the setup that matches your application and input options perfectly.

Intuitive setup

Accordion control

The initial setup is best done by using Connect Link. The PC application allows you to do all programming via an intuitive user interface. This will take you through all important setup functions. You can save the setup data as a profile and save this profile. Connect also allows Logical Functions programming.



The separate up-to-five-years additional warranty contract must be ordered upon ordering your MJK product.


Power supply
11-30 V DC/24 V AC ± 20% (Min.15-30 VDC to charge the backup battery)
Power Consumption
8-40 VA, Depending on construction
32MB flash memory, 10x36000 logs depending on chosen protocol
External Communication
Modbus® RTU-mode or COMLI®