Critical controls for
a critical resource

We produce and supply high quality measurement, monitoring and control instrumentation for water resource management operators worldwide.

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Quenching the world’s
thirst for 21st century
water solutions

Smarter water measurement and control helps save scarce resources and creates a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

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Growing our food

To avoid exhausting the resources of the oceans, fish are breed world-wide on oceanic as well as land based constructions. Breeding fish is a delicate process and we are a part of it.

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We create a cleaner industry

Companies live up to increasingly higher demands on monitoring and documenting their environmental influence. We help documenting, controlling and analyzing the outlet.

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We solve water

MJK provides intelligent, adaptive and sustainable measurement, monitoring and control equipment to help water resource management operators optimize critical water systems.

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63 Countries in which we trade
41 Years since establishment!
100% Dedication to solve water