Calculating overflow volume in timeframes

Project collaboration between a waste water plant, the local electrician, Danish SCADA producer Frontmatec and MJK provided an overflow calculation feature in Chatter which enables you to calculate overflow in time-frames.

Using Expert level transmitters and a Chatter data logger to calculate overflow in time-frames has not only given the waste water plant more detailed monitoring, but also fewer manual service calls out in the field.

Carsten Kock, El-Punkt Fyn, checks up on a Chatter data logger placed in open land

MJK developed the new function “Intensity”.

The function enables the Chatter device to calculate an overflow volume compared to time.

Any individual Chatter data logger can hold locally decided overflow maximum.


The SCADA system and environmental guard will receive a warning if the decided maximum is reached. 

We used to check the sewer wells physically and did so often to ensure that everything was working perfectly. The warnings for the environmental offices also used to be mailed manually from our control room, but now it’s all automated

Jan Rasmussen · Operations Manager, Kerteminde Forsyning

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