780 Sampler

MJK’s Sampler 780 is an automatic sampler that is often used to measure outbound water from treatment plants. As it is designed in hardwearing materials ensuring long life, the sampler is characterized by being extremely stable and very robust. This is true even when mounted in harsh environments such as a treatment plant. Back when MJK launched the Sampler 780, it was awarded the Danish Design Award.

The sampler operates by means of a vacuum, and is connected to e.g. a MagFlux flowmeter. The Sampler 780 can make flow proportional samples, making it ideal for industrial use. Sampler 780 has a built-in alarm system and automatic restarts if the hose becomes clogged. Since you can easily remove the glass and the hoses, it is also easy to clean.

For many years, MJK has supplied reliable samplers for treatment plants and industries for collecting time or quantity proportional samples. Our sampling program helps you make stable samples and gives you top-class measurements. If you want to hear more about our products within analysis measurement, you are always very welcome to contact our qualified employees.

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    Easy to Use

    Symbol buttons on the front to guide you.

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    Developed for long and stable operation.

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    The electronic parts of the Sampler 780 are well protected

The Sampler 780 is often used for accumulative sampling, time-controlled sampling or sampling activated by pulses from a Flowmeter or a PLC. Due to the rugged design, the Sampler 780 is often used for sampling outbound water from treatment plants.

The Sampler 780 is designed to work stably and safely without manual monitoring and has a long service life. Especially in the Scandinavian markets, the Sampler 780 has been very successful, not least due to legislation and requirements for sampling from treatment plants.

The sampler from MJK is made in a user-friendly design. You can easily set the sample volume by adjusting the intake pipe. Unscrew the sample tube to clean it after which you can wash it thoroughly. The sampler is also designed so that all electronic parts are well secured against wet environment.

780 Sampler for accumulative samples

The 780 Sampler from MJK is designed to use in treatment plants, which is why many use the sampler for accumulative samples. Here, the outlet hose has been placed in a container in a refrigerator. At a fixed interval, or according to the flow volume, a sample is taken, and laboratory technicians regularly comes and pick up the sample for further analysis. Nice and simple.



Accordion control

Sampler 780 performs volume controlled samples. Via the in-take tube, you control completely how much is sampled and whether a MagFlux possibly sends a start signal depending on the flow.

ISO 5667

Accordion control

Produced to meet ISO 5667.

One-year warranty









Cycle Time:
Approx. 2 minutes (adjustable 1-10 mins.)
Sample Size:
20-500 ml
12V DC and 220-240/110-120V AC